Toyota Alphard is the highest variant of the MVP car from Toyota which has high specifications and supports a classy technology license for this car. As a car that has an upscale market and executives, of course, having the latest Alphard is always awaited by its fans. The Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid 2019 has the same dimensions as the other types having a length of 4,945 mm, a width of 1,850 mm, and a height of 1,895 mm.

Compared to the previous version, the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid 2019 comes with a look that is far more luxurious and luxurious. Indentation on the outside gives the impression this car is a reliable, fast, and has a modern look. Color options are available in Silver Metallic, Luxury Crystal White and White Pearl.

Specification and Review of Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid

Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid Exterior: Front

Display the front grille of this latest variant looks much bigger and manly. Chrome layer at the end of the front hood looks to connect with the grill to the bottom. This change gives the impression that makes this car more elegant. In the grille you can find a small camera that also works on security cameras. The headlamps look sleeker. While the crossed lights below the main light unit give the impression of moving outside the setting is turned on. All lights on the front of the car consist of LED units, and some additional features that make some lights such as headlights and DRL can be installed automatically. Spacious windshield with Crystaline 3m window film that gives very wide visibility, the front wiper is also automatically activated so that air splashes can be used.

Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid Exterior: Side

The side wheels look good with 18 inch dual tone alloy wheels combined with Toyo 235/60 tires. Chrome colored windows add an elegant impression that runs along the front side glass. Electric front mirror with chrome accent marks and lights, equipped with a 360 camera. This mirror also features a blind spot monitor to support where. This rear view mirror also automatically closes the compilation of the car that is closed in the off position. There are not many changes in the sliding door compared to the previous edition. The dark window film from 3M Autofilm looks broad and looks brilliant combined with the body which makes the whole car look like glass. While the rear window lines appear to connect to the rear end.

Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid Exterior: Rear

The main part of the rear lights is one of the features that make this car unique. While the sign lights are similar to the front, which is also located at the bottom of the main unit and has a moving rhythm to the outside. Large rear spoilers give a very elegant yet sporty look. Alpard’s writing and the Toyota logo remain another distinct identity embedded on the back. You can also find cameras that do rare mirrors on the back glass.

The interior of the Toyota Alphard 2.5G A / T Hybrid 2019 of course offers the upper class with wooden panels and soft touch feels very luxurious and comfortable to the touch compilation. A soft touch wrapped in brown leather matching the car seat. From the inside, this car provides a very, very broad view. Overall, the inside of this car is similar to the appearance of an aircraft cockpit.

Interior of the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid: Cabin

The cabin design of the car is similar to the design of the aircraft with various panels that can be found in all parts of the car. With a total tamping power of 7 passengers + 1 driver, the 3 available lines feel very comfortable and really pay attention to comfort for passengers. This cabin also has a high head clearance, so it can be bent directly to the roof.

At the top of the driver’s seat, there are buttons to open the doors of the entire car. Under this setting button is a box for putting glasses. Meanwhile, to open the sun roof can be done from the steering wheel. In all passenger windows available cloth curtains and additional window film that can free the view from outside

Interior of the Toyota Alphard 2.5G A / T Hybrid: Dashboard and Steering Wheel

Toyota Alphard 2.5 Hybrid – Image by Toyota

The Toyota Alphard G series dashboard design is not in doubt. The combination of black matte and elegant wood paneling touches gives an expensive impression that cannot be ignored. Steering wheel made from wood covered with a comfortable skin certainly gives a different impression when driving. Interestingly, the design of the steering wheel of this car looks like a display embedded in the front grille design. Of course the steering system is equipped with Electronic Power Steering, till steering, and telescopic. What’s interesting is the existence of the steering warmer system.

While behind the wheel of the information display screen is quite large and clear. In the middle of the dashboard there is a touch screen monitor that serves as a center for entertainment settings. Of course the system turns on and off the engine in this car already using a wireless key. While the AC temperature control system has a triple zone setting that allows different AC temperature settings for each line.

Interior of the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid: Seat

As a luxury car, of course the seat becomes a very important part for passengers and drivers. High quality leather wrapped chair with cream color all the seat arrangements also use an electric system that can be arranged from the armrests that exist in all chairs. Also available is seat storage available in 3 settings. As for the seat slider, this is done manually. Headrest can also be folded as a right or left headrest, a very spacious leg room, plus electrically adjustable footrests, really spoil passengers to rest during the trip.

Interior of the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid: Luggage

To access the trunk of a car that is behind this 3rd row can be opened by pressing the remote of this car. Without folding the 3rd row seats, the trunk at the bottom of the seat consists of 3 sectors namely compartments, storage of goods, and spare tires. To increase luggage loading, you can fold the third row seats. Meanwhile, to close the trunk, all you have to do is press the button on the door. While for smaller items, in almost all parts near the passenger seat can be found additional storage such as cup holders, cans, to storage drawers.

Toyota Alphard 2.5G A / T Hybrid Features: Safety Features

Toyota Alphard 2.5 G Hybrid Safety Feature – Image by Toyota

As a top class car, a number of safety features are certainly embedded in the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid 2019. ABS, EBD and BA incubation systems will certainly be found here. 7 airbags embedded in all parts of the car as a safety standard. It can be said that all standard safety features today are certainly available on this car.

Toyota Alphard 2.5G A / T Hybrid Features: Comfort and Entertainment Features

Toyota Alphard 2.5 Hybrid Entertaiment- Image by Toyota

High-class vehicles will certainly prioritize features that greatly support comfort for passengers. Music and entertainment features can be arranged from the head panel at the front and the cruiser control on the steering wheel is supported by 17 JBL speakers which are guaranteed to provide a very comfortable audio quality. To support accessibility, each rear passenger seat has a USB port for charging smartphones or other electronic devices.

While setting the AC in each line with Nano-I technology that produces cleaner air. While the LED reading lamp that can be adjusted the level of lighting is available above each part of the window. All passenger seats are also available heating and cooling functions that are suitable for all conditions.


For the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid 2019, it uses 2 engines namely a gasoline powered engine capable of producing 152 PS, 206 NM with torque. The driver uses the CVT system. This combination of machines is of course more than enough for the needs of Indonesian roads. Of course, this car is more emphasized in terms of comfort compared to speed. The electric motor for the hybrid system consists of 2 parts namely the front and rear which are totally capable of moving 4 wheels with this motor. This combination also provides very economical power consumption.


The Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid is one of the four hybrid models sold by PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) in addition to the Camry Hybrid, Corolla Altis Hybrid, and C-HR Hybrid. Unfortunately, the price of the Toyota Alphard 2.5 G A / T Hybrid is not displayed on the official TAM website and is only notified by contacting the official dealer.


The Toyota Alphard 2.5G A / T Hybrid 2019 variant does not offer much difference compared to the non-Hybrid variant. The only thing that is too differentiating is the use of dual engines. No wonder the public response to the Toyota hybrid variant is quite low. Even sales from January to September 2019, the hybrid variant of the expensive Toyota MVP has only sold 1 unit.


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