After being postponed for some time, finally, it is good news. Ford is going to launch a new SUV, Bronco. This mini car looks masculine and nice being a recommended off-road car. The Ford car design is adopted by the new Suzuki Jimny to steal the market’s attention.

Designs Suzuki Jimny

A mini car is related to the Suzuki Jimny. It has a unique design with a square look. It will be a serious rival of Ford Bronco. Before the launching of a legendary SUV car in the US, a Japanese modification house, DAMD, has reincarnated Ford Bronco. It is changed to use the basis of the new Suzuki Jimny. Then, it is named to be Dronco. The changes are not full but it only changes a look or its visual. The taken theme is directing to an old Bronco model issued for the first time in 1966.

To give a classical touch on a typical American SUV car, DAMD applies a body kit package called Little B. The packaging of available body kit is complete to give an old touch. It is started from a metal classical bumper in front and back sides. It is also embedded with a white grill and stairs to climb up the roof in the back of the car. To make a retro more accentuating, the car’s body is covered by two colors combination, white and blue. It is not the only body kit, DAMD also gives an old impression on its chrome model using a white color. The look of Suzuki Jimny is regarded to be a stunning Ford Bronco in the US market.

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To be an upcoming car in the US, Suzuki Jimny has improved itself to be one of the car’s choices this year. It also offers a body kit of The Roots being a creation of a classical Jimny style in the 1970s. It is famously known to be LJ10. It makes the packaging and looks still take a retro theme. It is combining with white color on the roof and a black accent on its chrome. It looks so stunning and nice. In the back part of this car, it doesn’t change it much. It gives a couple of retro round lights with the extra tire attached to the back door of the car. Though both packages of body kit are not launched yet, in Tokyo Auto Salon in the early year of 2020, both modifications of Suzuki Jimny have shown. The result is fairly significant to attract visitors.

Releasing Date 

If you get interested in buying Suzuki Jimny, a retro look of Ford, you don’t get worried that it is being released sooner. It is scheduled to release in July 2020. It will be an upcoming car release that you must have. It has a unique look in which it combines a unique and classic look to make it still stylish. The body kit is also launched in the summertime of 2020. The people are surely interestingly waiting for the official launching of new Suzuki Jimny with a retro look of Ford Bronco


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